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Welcome to the pbxnsip Wiki
Installation and Quick Start

pbxnsip PBX
The Installation and Quick Start pages of the Wiki describe how you can easily set up the pbxnsip PBX. It will show you how to install the system in Windows and in our supported Linux versions, enter your license information, and get a reasonable configuration into the system.

star_24.jpg Top Links:  Installing in Windows  |  Installing in Linux | Installing on Mac OS | Installing the IP-PBX Appliance

Hospitality:Interface to Property Management Systems
To see how you can set up the pbxnsip to interface with the PMS systems, please take a look at UHLL Interface pages

Manuals and Documentation

User Manual
The user manual explains to the user of an extension how to use the PBX. This description is independent from the phone type.

star_24.jpg Top Links:  Basic Calling  |  Mailbox  |  Feature Codes |  PAC |  TAPI Service Provider

Reference Manual
The reference manual explains the usage of the PBX. All items on the web interface are explained in this section. If you ask yourself what a setting in the web interface means, this is the right place to go.

star_24.jpg Top Links:  Login  |  System Administrator  |  Domain Administrator  |  Dial Plan
Getting Help

The pbxnsip Forum is the right place to post your question, suggestion or tips on using pbxnsip products. You can find it here:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
The FAQ section will elaborate complex questions. If you can't find an answer to your question in the forum you might want to check out the FAQ.

star_24.jpg Top Links:  Hardware Requirements  |  Microsoft Exchange  |  Microsoft OCS  |  FAX  |  System Sanity Check  |  One-way Audio

Trouble Tickets
If you experience problems that can't be answered through the forum, the Wiki or the manuals you may open a trouble ticket. Please refer to Trouble Ticket Processing to get to know how this is done.


Interoperability Pages
This section describes how to use third-party products with the PBX. You will see how the various SIP phones, ATA, PSTN gateways and ITSP can be used with the PBX. You will also find information about how those devices are supported regarding plug and play and what features can be used with the PBX.

star_24.jpg Top Links:  Nokia  |  Polycom  |  Snom  |  X-lite
Additional Resources

Here you will find the explanation of regularly used terms. The Wiki will have links to this Glossary in all documents.

Release Notes
The Release Notes will give you an overview of changes and updates applied to current versions of the PBX. If you want to see what's new in your version this is the right page to go.

Shell Scripts (Linux)
Making your life easier: Shell Scripts. Here are some great tools for backup and administration.

bulletin_64.jpg We have also a forum at Please use this forum if you have comments, tips, questions, etc. The Wiki serves as the source of reference information and explains the product in a reference manual style. presentation_64.jpg Check out our latest PowerPoint Presentation on QoS on trunks ( In this document you will see how you can get business-class telephone working with the pbxnsip PBX and give your customers a first class expericence on the phone.
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